These Are Hidden Lines and Borders

These not-cited, non referenced maps, and employment service links posted at the bottom of the page, will show which the way the nation's infrastructure has grown. These maps show the logistical channels and concentrations of social power that direct and maintain our lives at large - without regard to state borders. It is why some places are isolated, stricken and desolate. This growth divides the nation in technocratic terms, strengthens itself, and reduces options where to live depending on your occupation. Am looking for trade routes or regions to post later that are not obvious from this collection.

Air Travel

Rail Travel

Water Ports

Population Density



Electrical Power

Higher Education

Why the Electoral College is Vital?

Thank God for the Electoral College

Red areas are Trump voters

Ideological Internet Use Chart

Christian Residents

Non-Christian Residents

Women's and Children's Health Care

Life Expectancy

Organized Crime

Gang Presence

Where HR is concentrated.

Blue Smears are Leftist Strongholds.

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